Our commitments

Technical performance and innovation

Today the needs of petanque players and consumers are changing fast.
Always concerned to be close to its customers, Obut puts the emphasis on research into innovative products.
Our design office works on the properties of the different grades of steel and their chemical compositions with a view to producing boules with ever better performances.
This policy, on top of our indisputed know-how, enables us to progress and to perfect our mastery of the production process.
Today, Obut is the only manufacturer to be able to guarantee its customers identical performances for all three balls in a set, in terms of hardness, balance, diameter and weight.


Quality is THE watchword at Obut and the concern of everyone:
- Product quality, the fruit of leading edge technology, thorough and continual quality controls, a dedicated workforce and functional adaptation.
- Quality of service, thanks to a large-scale industrial operation, its measure of financial leeway which has enabled us to invest amounts unequalled elsewhere in the profession over the years and a huge inventory that allows us to meet our customers' nee.

The boule of the greatest champions

All the great champions have used Obut for a very long time and serve as ambassadors for the brand.
They contribute to making Obut a very important brand.
Obut even calls them its friends. And when a brand has so many friends, it can't be down to chance.

An incomparable choice

Among the extensive and unrivalled choice that OBUT offers, there is necessarily the ideal boule for you.
Choosing OBUT boules means making a winning choice!

Sustainable development

Whether it is used in sport setting, or just to play with family and friends,
our product, the petanque boule, is in permanent contact with people and nature.
Our production site is situated in the middle of the countryside, in a very beautiful region of France,  Haut-Forez.
Obut feels it has a duty to to offer its customers products designed and manufactured in line with the principles of sustainable development.
The air, the water and the waste we produce involve a risk of pollution, which we are committed to controlling.
From the design stage on, we manufacture our petanque boules, which are 100 % recyclable right down to the packaging, using methods that respect the environment and people.


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